A Year-Supply of Burgers for $144? How Restaurants Are Using Groupon

By Mae Velasco, Assistant Editor

PYT BURGER  | Yelp, Emily B.

PYT BURGER | Yelp, Emily B.

There's buying food in bulk...and then there's this.

Could the Philadelphia-Favorite PYT burger restaurant be starting a new trend? For a limited time, PYT offered a burger and fries a day -- yes, 365 meals -- for $144 on Groupon. More than 450 of these cards were bought.  

The value of a burger and fries from PYT for a year is $4,380, and the lucky few who snagged these cards essentially got a 97 percent discount on a year's worth of food. The offer is valid from the buyer's date of purchase in Philadelphia, and then in July 2015 at the New York City location grand opening, where New York Grouponers will have their cards honored until July the following year.

Will this deal, which beats any dollar menu by giving consumers a meal for $0.40, be the new deal in the fast food industry? Read More