McDonald’s Move to Bring Back Chicken Tenders Also to Bring Back Poultry Industry From Oversupply Funk

By Mae Velasco, Assistant Editor

Facebook page labeled "Bring Back McDonald's Chicken Selects"  |

Facebook page labeled "Bring Back McDonald's Chicken Selects" |

McDonald’s may have had jingles about lovin’ it, but poultry producers may be lovin’ McDonald’s right about now. The company’s decision to bring back chicken tenders, or “Chicken Selects," into its menu selection this March is generating a widely felt shift in the poultry industry.

There were concerns about an oversupply in the U.S. market and chicken-breast prices were dropping with the insufficient demand. But, it says a lot about McDonald’s power when a single one of its item can sway the entire meat industry. The mass demand from the company is predicted to boost chicken-breast prices throughout the summer. McDonald’s, the number one buyer of potatoes with Burger King at second, influence is evident across several markets, even though the company sales has been in a slump.

“Chicken Selects” were removed by the company in 2013 as an effort to simplify its offerings, but McDonald’s hopes consumers will welcome its return. Will you be lovin’ this  change in the poultry industry? Will this menu addition help with the brand's revamp?  Read More