3D Food Printing Unveiled at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show

Chocolate BonBons from Hershey's CocoJet Printer  | Facebook

Chocolate BonBons from Hershey's CocoJet Printer | Facebook

This year’s annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas featured a number of fascinating technological inventions, but nothing caused as much excitement as the unveiling of the 3D food printer.  Not one but two companies introduced their unique 3D food printers at the trade show, offering an impressive glimpse into food preparation of the future. 

The first to debut was the CocoJet printer, a revolutionary device born out of a partnership between Hershey Company and 3D Systems which is capable of making chocolate bonbons in under 15 minutes.  A similar printer created by XYZprinting was also on display that was able to both assemble ready to bake cookies and decorate cakes. 

These printers, which “print” not with ink but with flour and chocolate, allow users to download dessert ideas from the internet or create their own options. 

While further updates are still being developed, these printers will be available for the public to purchase later this year. 

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