Minnesota's Growing Craft Beer Trend Extends to Food Trucks

Brooks High Beer Battered  | Twitter

Brooks High Beer Battered | Twitter

Hoping to capitalize on the growing craft beer trend in the Twin Cities, culinary duo Pete Toft and Brett Drake are looking to bring their beer-centric, Midwestern style comfort food to Minneapolis via the Brooks High Beer Battered food truck.  Partnering with local breweries, the truck plans to serve a number of fried fish dishes made with specialty beer batters unique to each brewery.

Proposed beer inspired dishes include beer battered fish and chips, beer cheese soup, and beer bread.  Much like a craft beer bar, the truck will also feature a number of “batters on tap” with a rotating beer batter selection.  Each fried dish will also be topped with a creamy slaw that will be crafted specifically to each batter.   

Alongside crafting these local beer-centric dishes, the duo plans to use the truck as a sort of test kitchen to experiment with a variety of menu items and build brand recognition while working towards establishing a brick and mortar location. 

To make their dream a reality, Toft and Drake have launched a $25,000 Kickstarter campaign which, if successful, should have the Brooks High Beer Battered food truck hitting the Minneapolis streets as early as May. 

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