Twin Cities’ Menus Ahead of Many National Food Trends


Every year, industry experts predict the upcoming culinary trends expected to take off that year.  Yet in Minneapolis, many of these predicted national trends have caught on long ago and have become mainstays in the Twin Cities’ dining scene.

Beer cocktails suddenly becoming trendy?  In Minneapolis, they are a staple.  As many restaurants in the city are limited to only beer and wine licenses, beverage programs were forced to get creative and restaurants like Tongue in Cheek have long featured extensive list of micheladas and other beer inspired cocktails such as Pacifico beer spiked with a variety of flavors such as ginger and passion fruit.

While oysters are predicted to become the next big ingredient chefs will start experimenting with this year, Minneapolis has long recognized the delicacy’s merits.  The city hosts not one but two Oysterfest celebrations every fall and diners can find oysters served everywhere from fine dining restaurants to gastropubs and park concession stands.

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