Kale Next in Line for McDonald's Ingredients


By Mae Velasco, Assistant Editor

Is McDonald's turning a new leaf? It seems as though this fast food forerunner is trying to evolve with the changing consumer preferences by adding kale to its list of ingredients. 

"Possibilities include kale for use in salads, or perhaps a kale smoothie," Janney Capital Markets stated. "More generally, McDonald's clearly aims to raise consumers' perception of the quality of its food. Adding kale to the menu in some way could help be a step in this direction."

McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb said the brand is always looking for new and different ingredients customers may enjoy. Kale hasn't been the company's only stop on the road to customer satisfaction. As consumers have redefined quality and value in their foodservice with a bigger focus on health and wellness, this fast food chain has also vowed to switch using chicken raised without human antibiotics.

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