Chefs Feed App Features Restaurant Reviews by Chefs

Chefs Feed App  | Facebook

Chefs Feed App | Facebook

Launched as the antithesis to Yelp, San Francisco startup Chefs Feed has begun offeringrestaurant reviews by some of the city's top chefs.  Rather than compiling the opinions of ordinary diners, Chefs Feed looks to culinary professionals to recommend their favorite dishesat local restaurants.  Focusing not on reviews but on recommendations, founders Jared and Steve Rivera hope the app will allow users to focus on the positive aspects of dining. 

In addition to these culinary recommendations, Chefs Feed also generates original content such as videos that give users a behind the scenes glimpse into restaurants.

In San Francisco, the app has already taken off, with app downloads in the millions.  In addition to the Bay Area, Chefs Feed has also expanded to New York, Los Angeles, London and Chicago and has no plans to slow down. 

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