Now Trending: Boilermakers — Creative Beer & Shot Pairings

Beers are now being paired with different spirits to create a fun experience for guests. They are paired to complement each other but also have different themes as well like location-based pairings. This gives the customer the best of both worlds and they can sip on the shot while enjoying beer that is perfectly paired, creating a match made in heaven. Or they can treat it as a fun and trendy boilermaker by dropping the shot into the beer to combine the flavors. Check out these beer and shot pairings available around the country.  

Seattle, WA

The Old Sage

The Old Sage is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. This restaurant and bar specializes in smoked meats and malts. They have a special section on their menu that includes “A Shot and A Beer”. Here are three of the perfectly paired options–

  • The Trolley: Fernet and Anchor Steam Beer

  • Robert Rodriguez: Siete Leguas and Bohemia

  • Capitol Hill Special: Rye and Cheap Beer

9 Million Unmarked Bills

9 Million Unmarked Bills is located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood and specializes in whiskey. They have an elaborate boilermakers menu, which, are categorized by famous mobsters and outlaws. They offer everything from Evan Williams to Balvenie 12 year.  

  • Jack Diamond: Pint of PBR and a shot of Evan Williams

  • Jesse James: Pint of Firestone IPA and a shot of Gentleman Jack

  • Frank Costello: Pint of Manny’s Pale Ale and a shot of Mischief John Jacob Rye

  • Billy the Kid: 22oz bottle of Bridgeport Brewery Raven Mad and a shot of Balvenie 12 year

  • John Dillinger: Rainer bottle and a shot of Tullamore Dew

  • Pablo Escobar: Negra Modelo and a shot of Hussongs Reposado

  • Al Capone: 22oz Firestone Walker Ssucuba and a shot of Templeton Rye

  • Lucky Luciano: Hillards 12th Can and Early Times 354 Bourbon

  • Bugsy Siegel: Stella Cidre and a shot of Fireball

Bellevue, WA

Tavern Hall

Just across the bridge from Seattle is Bellevue, which is home to the beer centric bar and restaurant Tavern Hall. This beer-focused bar offers 20 local and international beers on draught as well as beer cocktails. So, it’s only natural that they offer a supply of boilermakers to complete their tavern menu. The real gem is the house-made cinnamon whiskey paired with a local cider made in Seattle.

  • Old Overholt Rye and Olympia Lager

  • Housemade Cinnamon Whiskey and Seattle Cider

  • Jameson Irish Whiskey and Elysian Split Shot Nitro Stout

  • Fernet Branca and Tavern Hall Ale

Chicago, IL

Fulton Market Kitchen

Fulton Market Kitchen defines art meets cocktail. Their art inspired restaurant features an innovative cocktail list that is divided into art themes. These include Renaissance, Modern, Street Art, and Pop Art. The Street Art collection includes two different beer and shot options. 

  • Pretty Ricky: Tecate Can and Shot of Mezcal

  • FMKTK Mixology: Coors Banquet Beer and Bonded Bourbon

Henry’s Swing Club

Beer and shot at Henry's Swing Club  | Yelp, Jake S. 

Beer and shot at Henry's Swing Club | Yelp, Jake S. 

Henry’s Swing Club offers an array of shots and beers from cheap to craft. They are offered in the form of a boilermaker and guests have six well-rounded options including:

  • Michigan and Trumbull: A shot of Wild Turkey 101and an Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

  • Hamtramck: A shot of Old Grand Dad Bonded and a can of Stroh’s

  • Packaged Goods: A shot of Malort and an Old Style Draft

  • Pancho & Lefty: A shot of Evan Williams Bonded and a Schlitz

  • Rio Grande: A shot of Lunazul Tequila and a Shiner Bock

  • Staff Meeting: A shot of Fernet Branca and a Founder’s All Day IPA

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf has a section of their menu dedicated to boilermakers, which complement the atmosphere for relaxing and winding down. They feature everything from bourbon to Green Charteruse, which makes this selection of five options very creative and unique.  

  • Firestone walker Pivo Pils and Buffalo Trace Bourbon

  • Founders Centennial IPA and Lunazul Tequila

  • Vandermill Blue Cider and Powers Irish Whiskey

  • Brooklyn Lager and Famous Grouse Scotch

  • Zombie Dust and Green Charteruse

When is the last time you had a beer and a shot? Have you recently seen a “Boilermakers” section in your local neighborhood hangout? Tell us about it!