Food and Technology Intersect in Austin

In Austin, technology has been having major impacts on the local dining landscape, transforming the way Austin residents interact with the city’s culinary scene.  The growing tech industries based in Austin have not only brought a greater ethnic diversity to the city, but it has also created a new, millennial professional class who have an interest in food and now have the money to spend on it.  On a broader scale, mobile food apps and social media have resulted in an increased fan base for many local restaurants, promoting chefs to celebrity like status.  It has also created a greater sense of urgency amongst followers eager for the accumulation of food experiences in an effort to keep up with their peers. 

And Austin’s food industry has also begun incorporating new technology into many local restaurants’ culinary programs.  The recent trend of molecular gastronomy stands out as a prime example of this crossover, with chefs now utilizing a number of high-tech gadgets to make a wide variety of culinary creations.  And with new food-tech products in the work, such as edible 3-D printing, it is likely this trend will only increase.  Read More