Tavern Road — Fast Casual by Day, Full-Service by Night

In this episode of Table 42, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Paul Barron will lead you down Tavern Road in Boston. It’s a young business that is surprisingly successful, with its second birthday at the end of March. The way Tavern Road functions is a unique concept in itself: by day, it is a fast casual, but at night, it becomes a full-service establishment. The brains behind this self-proclaimed “high energy modern restaurant and bar?”

Meet the brother team, chef and co-owner Louis DiBiccari and operator and co-owner Michael DiBiccari, whose duality mimics the restaurant’s night-and-day difference. Louis creates rich flavors at the back-of-the-house to give guests a tasteful experience like no other, while Michael creates multi-layer designs at the front-of-the-house to give guests a visual experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Watch the full episode to see how together they create Tavern Road’s great service that keeps people running back.