The Restaurant Brand Digital Leaders Released in New Report

It's digital's world, and we are just living in it. Every day consumers seem to get more attached to their mobile devices, feeling that urge to see what has been added to their Twitter newsfeed since they last checked 20 minutes ago. And this dependency on social media certainly shows in the restaurant space. In quarter four of 2014, social engagement went up 41% on average within the top 100 restaurant brands. With this influx of digital engagement– brands are able to better understand their target consumer's behavior. But, how to fully make sense of these interactions? Analyzing this big data can be overwhelming–so this is where the Social Insights Report Issue 1 comes in handy. 

For over six years, hospitality social data from 17 social networks has been collected and compiled in the Restaurant Social Media Index. 225 million consumers have been indexed and 15,000 foodservice brands analyzed– making this the largest restaurant data available.

The Social Insights Issue 1 report is where hospitality meets big data. This is one of the most extensive reports of the leading restaurant brands ever released with over 2000 RSMI data points.

Some of the report highlights include:

  • 3 Segment Rankings - Casual, QSR, Fast Casual
  • 2 Top 100 Rankings in Overall and Fast Casual
  • 4 Top 25 Rankings in Social and Digital
  • 3 Top 10 Rankings in QSR, Casual and Sentiment
  • 3 Case Studies (Chipotle, Panera Bread and Wendy's)

And much more.