Taco Bell Takes a Bite at McDonald's With New Commercial



If there's at least one thing we remember from high school, it's that food fights can get pretty dirty. And when the one doing the slinging is a multibillion-dollar company? Well, then, food fights turn into an all-out food war. The fast food chain Taco Bell made some hard-hitting, not-so-subtle, fast jabs at McDonald's with its new commercial.

In an effort to promote its new biscuit taco and breakfast menu items, Taco Bell painted a Cold War-era, post-apocalyptic world called the "Routine Republic." A television set plays a commercial within the commercial filled with communist-state propaganda, art showcasing mighty fists holding up burgers and a twisted, smiling clown-faced enforcer, complete with blaring trumpets in the background. Guards bullying civilians are also eerily clown-faced. Posters are plastered on grimy walls, the only bit of color in the grungy city is a dirty, yellow slide winding around a bleak, concrete patrol tower, no doubt symbolizing McDonald's playgrounds. 

The message around the city is the same: "It's another perfect morning in the Routine Republic, where happiness is eating the same breakfast."

McDonald's has become a routine trademark in the fast food breakfast audience, and known for its Happy Meals. Here, Taco Bell is encouraging consumers -- imprisoned by this routine -- to break free and try something different, meaning what Taco Bell has to offer. 

With grenades in the shape of little, burger-shaped, wind-up toys (Happy Meal toys were pretty explosive in popularity...every kid wanted one!), a ball pit moat surrounding the city walls, and slogans such as "Circle is good! Hexagon is bad!" splattered across the commercial, the circle clearly representing a burger and the hexagon a Taco Bell Crunchwrap, the references were undeniably jammed down the viewers' throats. 

But did the viewers digest them happily or spit them out?

One user on Youtube commented "Shots fired. McDonald's, your rebuttle?" While another answered, "There is no rebuttle. McDonald's is a sinking ship." A third chimed in saying, "Taco Bell, although this is well produced, I'm still not going to think of you as something truly 'different.' You're all fast food in my mind...but props for going WAY out of your way to prove otherwise."

Industry experts, your thoughts? Was this a clever move on Taco Bell's part or was it just plain greasy? Watch the video here!