Will Consumers Ever Get Over the Burger? Sonic's CEO Says Not Anytime Soon

Burgers are all restaurateurs and consumers are talking about lately. After all, we are in the midst of the Burger Boom. But, how long will it really last? According to Cliff Hudson, Sonic Drive-in's CEO the industry has yet to reach "peak burger."

Sonic Drive-in is the largest chain of drive-in restaurants and recently hit double-digit quarterly sales, but it is not because of their hamburgers. Only 17% of the chain's sales are attributed to burgers– 30% are drinks, 10% is ice cream, and another 10% of sales are for chicken. Burgers may be the reason a guest visits the restaurant, but this isn't all they want. They want options and add-ons. 

So what else is causing consumers to flock to Sonic, besides the Burger Boom? Hudson credits it to a combination of things–their business strategy, including a customizable menu, lower gas prices, and the influx of diners fatigued from McDonalds. Read More