Chefs Helping Craft the Future of Craft Beer


The game of craft beer is no longer just played by brewers -- chefs have now joined the team to help knock craft beer out of the ball park. As the way to pair beer and food together to create adventurous tastes becomes more of an art, the popularity of craft beer in the United States continues to grow domestically and internationally. According to the Brewer's Association, it has increased by 22 percent to $19.6 billion. 

As a whole, the growth of beer in the last 25 years is off the charts. Just seven years ago, most people wouldn't opt for a sour beer, but the nation's taste buds are more willing to try new flavors. More and more restaurant chefs are responding to these changing interests by utilizing beer in their recipes. Porters and stouts make mushroom sauces and other reduction sauces beautifully deep and shiny, and add a rich touch to roasted meat.

The working relationship between chef and brewer is constantly evolving and improving with every conversation. Unlike when working with wineries, which bottle their products once a year, breweries can adapt to the chef's unique style and needs by switching up malts and hops.

This team work is pleasing palates everywhere. How will this dynamic duo affect the restaurant and hospitality industry in the future? Read More