Will Digital Ordering at Groceries Affect Restaurant Technology?


By Mae Velasco, Assistant Editor

A recent Technomic survey revealed that one in every three consumers said they would use digital services and apps for food delivery in the grocery space. Walmart is testing online grocery shopping with a curbside pickup option, and Panera said that one day digital ordering could one day make up for 50 percent of its sales like it does for Papa John's and Domino's pizza.

Rest assured, brick-and-mortar buffs. While technology in the food industry is progressing, machines aren't completely taking over. Results from the Technomic Retail Innovation Consumer Awareness and Attitudes Survey shows consumers don't consider digital upgrades something that replaces the in-store experience. While online food shopping is convenient for avoiding crowds and long lines, the inability to interact with butchers or deli employees takes away from the store experience.

Will restaurants, who are adjusting to the technological habits of the consumer, further their digital ordering platforms? Read More