Will Danny Meyer's Pizza Concept Be the Next Success?

Screenshot of Marta's website  | Martamanhattan.com

Screenshot of Marta's website | Martamanhattan.com

Danny Meyer has been a successful restauranteur for many years before his Shack Shake endeavor. However, after launching the Better Burger Fast Casual and taking it public– his name has been all over the news. Every business move he now makes is being heavily reported on by the press. 

He has branched out with a new venture, the NYC pizza concept Marta. This concept (that opened in September 2014) takes a sophisticated approach to pizza with higher-end toppings. For example, sopressata is in place of the traditional pepperoni. And although these kinds of ingredients sound like they belong in a fine-dining setting– Marta has a price point between $14-23.

Pizza continues to be a consumer's favorite and competition is steep in this space–especially in New York City, where Marta is based. So with that in mind, head chef Nick Anderer is focusing on the flavors and menu. So that consumers may be able to get a cheaper pizza down the street, but it certainty won't taste the same. 

Do you think that Danny Meyer can conquer the pizza segment, as well? Or is it too crowded? Are consumers really looking for a "better pizza"? Read More