New Fast Casual Trends on the Vegas Strip

  White Castle  | Ken Wolter /

White Castle | Ken Wolter /

While Las Vegas has firmly established a reputation for the ultimate fine dining experience, it is now fast casual establishments that are making headlines on the Strip.  With the arrival of new restaurants such as White Castle and Shake Shack over the last several months, these fast casual eateries have taken over the role buffets once occupied in providing alternative dining options for travelers on a budget.  And both Vegas locals and visitors alike have begun flocking to try out these new options.       

Having only been open several months, the Las Vegas Shake Shack is already the second busiest of the chains, only behind New York’s Time Square location and White Castle’s grand opening last month was so well attended that the chain had to temporarily close to restock the kitchen and allow workers to take a break.  The chain reported selling their famous sliders at a rate of more than 4,000 an hour for the first twelve hours of opening.  Read More