The Mobile Age of Taco Bell Appealing to Millennials



Taco Bell, with the launch of its mobile app, has been heralded as the "millennial brand."

The app, available to both Android and iOS users, gives consumers access to every Taco Bell ingredient. They are able to customize their favorite items and and pay in one go. After choosing their nearest Taco Bell, guests can either by-pass the in-store line or pick up their orders in the drive-thru. There is no option for a pick-up time, because the meals are prepared at the customer's arrival. The restaurant receives a notification once the guest is within 500 feet of the location. 

Since its availability in October, the app has been downloaded more than two million times.

“The number of sales coming from it obviously is growing every day," said Greg Creed, Chief Executive Officer of Yum! Brands and former CEO of Taco Bell, Corp.  "But, as I like to say, I think this business from a positioning point of view, from a product point of view, from an innovation point of view and from a technology point of view, is really the cutting edge of what you want to have in a brand in the marketplace.”

Keith Siegner, a UBS analyst who moderated UBS Global Consumer Conference in March where Creed made a presentation, applauded Creed and the Yum! Brands team as the perfect for embracing a new era. Creed agreed and said that Taco Bell is obviously a millennial brand.

"I mean, the muse for a Taco Bell is a 22-year-old. Every time we’ve veered away and got ourselves old — old in this case probably 30 —,  the performance of the business has suffered," he said. "Every time we get ourselves back to being highly relevant to 22-year-olds or millennials, we’re incredibly successful. I think it’s partly just around having absolute clarity of what the brand is and who it stands for."

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