Food Truck Operators Testifying at City Hall


By Mae Velasco, Assistant Editor

Food truck operators rode off into City Hall last Wednesday to give Philadelphia City Council members a taste of what could help progress the food truck scene locals are loving. Current zoning and permit regulations categorizes the food trucks as street vendors, limiting them to set up camp around 33rd and Arch Streets, The Porch at 30th Street, Love Park and the Navy Yard.

In an effort to expand the industry, food truck operators are championing bills that will allow them to bring their businesses onto private properties such as universities or churches when invited. These rolling restaurants are ringing the Liberty Bell signaling that good eats are ready, and Philly needs to move with them to keep up with the impact they're making.

Rob Mitchell, owner of The Cow and The Curd food truck, noted that Philadelphia is watching the birth of a grass-roots movement.

"It is the quintessential American dream of small business," he said.

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