Line Up! Which NOLA Restaurants Are Worth the Wait?

Table Number

NOLA, does waiting for a table at a restaurant feel like torture or is the anticipation worth it, kind of like how it feels standing in line for a Disney ride? Is food -- and the roller coaster certain dishes will take your palate on  -- ever good enough to sit starving for? Or do you prefer dashing over to a quicker dining experience?

In a survey question prompted by the Times-Picayune, more than 6,000 readers chimed in on which restaurants across the city were good enough to stare at the clock for.

At the top at the chart, Galatoire's, which boasts traditional flavors, got a 70 percent chunk of the pie, followed by the fun and jazzy Jacques-Imo's at 68 percent. 

What qualities do these restaurants have that leave locals hungry for more? And which other restaurants made the cut?  Read More