The Uber of Restaurant Dining Comes to the Big Apple

By Mae Velasco, Assistant Editor

The mobile app Uber's functionality allows users to roll in and roll out -- they can request, ride and pay for a taxi in just a few taps. This quick and easy concept has now entered the world of dining with the Sosh Concierge app, with which users can reserve a table at a restaurant and pay for their meal all at the touch of a button. They can get to the restaurant, chow down and leave effortlessly, and funnily enough, the app even itself has a function to book an Uber.

Want even better news? Sosh Concierge launched in New York City. How do you like them apples, Big Apple?

Since its San Francisco launch in August, the app has met every reservation made with its partner restaurants on its platform. With a clean track record like that, it's no surprise the Sosh Concierge has been a popular go-to for people on the go. In the future, DC, Chicago and Seattle can expect to benefit from its services, but for now, NYC is one of the lucky ones.

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