Kieran Folliard's Food Building Houses Local Artisanal Talent

People want to know where their food comes from. As a result, the veil between production sources and consumers has thinned out over the past few years. And Kieran Folliard wants to take it one step further.

Folliard has had success in the Minneapolis restaurant business, as well as in the spirits industry. After selling off his portfolio of Irish pubs and eateries, he launched his own Irish whiskey, which was then bought out by Beam. Typical entrepreneur that he is, Folliard had another big idea that is now a reality: a production facility, generically dubbed Food Building, filled with not-so-generic local artisanal food producers.

The 26,000-square-foot facility, located in northeast Minneapolis, houses cheesemaker Rueben Nilsson (Lone Grazer Creamery) and Mike Phillips (Red Table), known for his dry-cured meats. All production and butchering are done in-house, and each producer has their own space.

The team behind the Food Building continues to look for other personable purveyors to fill space in the building. But either way, Folliard wants to (literally) pull back the curtain on food production in the near future, giving consumers a look into how food goes from Point A to Point B. Read more