East Nashville's Bakery Scene Is Coming in Hot

Credit: Instagram/ The Post East

Credit: Instagram/The Post East

Fear not, gluten-free ambassadors and vegans: Nashville is coming in hot with a wide range of bakeries, bread and baked goods suitable for the sensitive eater (and for those who enjoy carbo-loading when the only race to be run is to the bakery).

The art of bread is so much deeper than something gripped out of a basket to hold you over pre-meal while dining out. Prepared in many different forms, flavors and add-ons, Nashville locals can appreciate the fluffy, pull-apart or dense textures in a variety of pastries (muffins, croissants, biscuits and scones!) aimed for prime palate satisfaction. 

From The Post East to Khan’s Desserts and Yeast Nashville, our friends at the Nashville Scene have created a roundup of East Nashville spots (and what they’re offering) to get your pastry fix, pronto.

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