Exploring Nashville's Food Scene -- What Not to Miss


Line dancing in a weathered pair of cowboy boots along to the familiar twang of country songs and hoots of laughter isn't the only picture that defines the charm of this capital. There is another side to the city, one that feeds the soul of Nashville -- literally. The Nashville food scene, increasingly energetic and potent, is bringing life back into its historic roots by drawing in international clientele and chefs from bigger cities. 

Interested in exploring what the Music City has to offer? The Nashville food scene will be music to your ears -- and your stomach. Grab your silverware, tuck a napkin into your shirt and get a taste of these dining do's. 

The Bar at Husk

Thirsting for a light drink and snack? Take a seat at this bourbon-centric bar. Their cocktails and Rappahannock oysters with green garlic butter, bottarga and preserved lemon will warm up your palate almost as much as the deep, acoustic vibes filling the space, which was built in 1892.

Rolf and Daughters

Southern charm takes a step back to bring in Manhattan brick-house-glamour at Rolf and Daughters. This New York-inspired restaurant caters sophisticated "modern peasant food," such as beets with cashew butter and aleppo pepper, as well as light squid-ink pasta with shrimp and pancetta. 

I Dream of Weenie

Fine dining doesn't have to be indoors. Have a little adventure on the East side of Nashville and you'll discover a district slowly transforming in these sleepy, residential pockets. Savvy and scrumptious operations are everywhere. I Dream of Weenie, an old Volkswagen bus transformed into a hot-dog stand, serves imaginative eats for less than five bucks. 

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