Top 5 New Nashville Restaurants

THE BISON BURGER  | FLIP Burger, Instagram

THE BISON BURGER | FLIP Burger, Instagram

Buckle up, Nashville. Your tastebuds are about to go on the ride of their life. There are five new restaurants that have entered the food scene, and they have not only got the Music City singing praises, but the entire nation as well. (Fun fact: late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel even swung by the South to check us out.)

Without further ado, here are the hottest restaurants that have got everyone talking.

Butchertown Hall: Nestled in the Germantown area, Butchertown Hall is a dream come true for the "masculine" foodie. Meat and beer galore.

Biscuit Love: This restaurant is pretty self-explanatory. If you love biscuits, you'll love Biscuit Love. This is the ultimate brunch meet-up. By the way, a Southerner who doesn't love biscuits -- the staple of all good ole' comfort food -- you can no longer claim to be one of us. 

FLIP Burger: One bite from this place will have you flipping out, and not just from its super-groovy '70s ambiance delighting guests. Enjoy juicy, tender burgers and slurp on the sweetest milkshakes. 

Chauhan Ale & Masala House: Not only will you get to eat a mouth-watering combination of Indian-American fusion flavors, you may get to meet celebrity Chopped Chef Maneet Chauhan. Two birds with one stone, man.

Prima: Feeling chic and sophisticated? Go for a night out at this new, darling upscale restaurant. It has great taste -- in decor as well as in food. Read More