Foodable Welcomes Nashville, Our 18th City!

Do you prefer your biscuits drenched with gravy or smothered with jam? Do you dream up the structure of your meals with meat or pork and three sides? And do you have a constant craving (at least once a week) for hot chicken and/or sweet tea? If you’ve agreed to at least two of the questions above, there's a good chance you're a Nashville foodie.

If so, we’ve got great news for you: Today, we’ve unleashed our Nashville blog!

Foodable’s Nashville blog will focus on city-level dining trends and local foodservice news, as well as restaurant openings, chef happenings, operator challenges (and solutions), and tons more. 

Aside from being musically inclined, Nashville is a city of superior food & drink. Its dining scene has been fast growing (and continues to be) with more than 20 breweries & distilleries and a handful of restaurants opening each month — from independent Nashville classics to swanky steakhouses

Between East Nashville’s growth, the pairing of the old (classic, traditional dishes) with the new (modern styles, plating and ingredients) and its Southern draw, it’s difficult to think of why we wouldn’t add Nashville to our now 18-city lineup.

We’re currently accepting both writers and video correspondents in the Nashville area. So, if you’re a local foodie who knows that ins-and-outs of the Nashville dining scene, pull up a seat and join us at the table.