Los Angeles' Farmers Market Movement on a Decline

According to research by the Department of Agriculture, the farmers market movement in Los Angeles has been reported to be on a steady decline.  While the report states that sales at farmers markets have slowed on a national scale,  in Los Angeles total sales numbers dropped by nearly 43% between 2007-2012.  These numbers are particularly interesting as Los Angeles has traditionally been on the forefront of the farmers market movement.

The cause of this decline has been identified as an over-saturation of the marketplace, particularly in Los Angeles, where farmers markets are prevalent and the farm-to-table restaurant movement is especially strong.  While small towns may want to host their own farmers markets to increase foot traffic, the now overwhelming number of options for consumers has actually worked in the reverse, causing a drop in overall sales.  Furthermore, with many new food distribution companies and markets offering restaurants and consumers a wide variety of local, organic produce and meats, farmers markets are not as necessary as they once were.

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