Beer for Dessert? Beer-flavored Ice Creams!


Just when we thought the beer movement couldn't get any cooler, it did -- literally. In freezer aisles across the Twin Cities, the rise of popularity in craft beer and locally-made gourmet ice creams have fused together to make one crazy-good combo.

The three featured flavors are made by two local brands working with three microbreweries. They are also non-alcoholic, in contrast to other 21+ ice creams made in other states, but they're certainly not lacking in taste. So without further ado, grab your spoons and dig in:

Izzy's Summit Oatmeal Stout

It's creamy, it's smooth but not as sweet as your average ice cream. The umami settles over your tongue and gives you a meaty flavor, almost as if you were sipping on a Guinness dry stout. In smaller portions, this is a savory bit of perfection that will accent your scoop of conventionally sweet ice cream. Or add it to a sweet malt and enjoy a one-of-a-kind beer shake.

Sweet Science Stout Oat Crunch

The Stout Oat Crunch is made with a reduction of Fulton's Worthy Adversary. Its strong, bitter finish and deep, malted chocolate make it one of the sweetest and most complex beer ice creams out there. Oats are also rolled into this delicious dessert, adding a yummy textural element to the taste buds. 

Sweet Science Honey Chamomile Ale

This new flavor uses Tin Whiskers Wheatstone Bridge Ale reduction to make a caramel swirl. While its complex pineapple notes from the chamomile tea are a bit lost in translation, its unique flavor is less bitter, less malty and all the more kid-friendly. Read More