Behind-the-Scenes With Burger Taco Whiskey

Burgers, tacos and whiskey. A trifecta of food love. They also happen to be three of the hottest demands in food & drink right now. But we're not just talking any burger, we're talking better burgers, as in the Better Burger Segment, where ingredients are fresh and top-notch, and burgers are made-to-order. Tacos are also in high demand in Miami -- from Taco Tuesday at your favorite local corner spots to new concepts like Coyo Taco in Wynwood. And whiskey is, well, whiskey. Enough said.

Enter Burger Taco Whiskey, a new(ish) 50 Eggs concept in the 305 that's bringing all of these together and taking fast casual up a notch. From the people who most notably brought us Yardbird, Khong River House and Swine, BTW is upscale-casual.

Brought to you by the Foodable WebTV Network and Avocados From Mexico, we are bringing you behind of scenes of this new concept. 

On this episode of Fast Casual Nation, 50 Eggs Founder John Kunkel & Executive Chef Christian Cuevas show us how concepts innovate around ingredients to create differentiation in the market. Watch the full episode as Kunkel taps into the biggest challenge in this market right now, why this upscale-casual model is great for operators in a tough real estate market, and how to get the most value out of your employees (not to mention the endless food porn!).