Bartenders Without Experience– the New Experience at 55 South

In this On Foodable Side Dish, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Foodable Correspondent Yareli Quintana hits the heart of Downtown San Jose to sip on the the creative concoctions of cocktail bar and lounge 55 South. Its inviting, warm, intimate atmosphere is complete with handmade leather couches and urban-chic, floor-to-ceiling windows. Aside from the shelves usually jam-packed with more than 300 bottles of spirits, there is another interesting tidbit added to the recipe of 55 South’s success — the bartenders never usually had experience prior to their time behind the bar. Co-owners Paul Chun and Eric Nielsen, bartenders themselves, believe that it’s harder to train people out of bad habits and that it’s easier to train those with the hunger to learn. Feel iffy about ordering a drink from 55 South? Don’t. Watch the full episode to see how this team whips up genius cocktails using old, fundamental concepts and fun, flavorful twists.