House Ground Burger Patties Catch on in Dallas


In Dallas, more and more restaurants have begun incorporating house-ground burger patties into their menus - and diners are loving it.  As fresh meat tends to taste better when it is ground the same day it is grilled, grinding meat in-house offers diners a more fresh, flavorful burger.  

Local restaurants such as Braindead Brewery, Grub Burger Bar, and Rodeo Goat have each begun featuring house-ground meat.  And the trend is not just reserved for formal dining establishments and many Dallas based fast-casual chains, such as North Dallas' Spork, are also getting in on the action, investing in specialty meat grinders to amplify their burger offerings.

While grinding burgers in-house can take a bit more time and investment, those restaurants who  choose to feature house-ground beef are raising the bar very high for any competition.  Learn more about other Dallas-based restaurants grinding their beef in-house here