Zoe Ma Ma Abolishes Tipping in Favor of Standard Surcharge


The culture of tipping has become a hot-button topic as of late and Denver based restaurant Zoe Ma Ma thinks it may have the solution: the abolition of tipping outright.  Frustrated by what he refers to as pay inequality, in which front of the house staff can make up to triple the amount of those working in the back of the house, Zoe Ma Ma owner Edwin Zoe abolished  tipping in favor of a standardized 20% surcharge which he calls the "Sustainability Initiative."  

This surcharge enables the restaurant to commit to organic ingredients and recyclable and renewable materials.  It also allows Zoe to provide his entire staff with sustainable wages, not just those in the front of the house.  Overall, he claims, most customers have had positive reactions towards the surcharge, with only around 2% opting out.

Will Zoe Ma Ma inspire other local restaurants to follow suit or will tipping remain a mainstay in American culture? Read More