Hot Diggity Dog! Dat Dog Looking to Open in Lafayette


Since 2011, the New Orleans restaurant scene has boomed with explosive popularity. It's no surprise that Dat Dog, a hot-dog heaven that serves up fun flavors such as turducken, crawfish, alligator and tempura cod sausage, has been on the lookout for possible locations in Lafayette.

"We love the idea of coming to Lafayette. We love the people and the culture," Dat Dog Director of Marketing Chelsea Brauwn said. "We just want to make sure that it's something the community is interested in and that we'll get the support we need."

Each time a new restaurant opens, it caters to the neighborhood its in. It reflects the quality of its residence and therefore is a little special, a little different, in honor of the people who make Dat Dog as well-loved as it is. 

What do you think, NOLA? Will you want a bite of this or will you send Dat Dog to the doghouse? Read More