Nashville Farmers Market Pushes New Rule: Growers Only


The Nashville Farmers Market is undergoing a huge transformation, one that will be a major turning point for some and a major adjustment for others. This spring, the market has enforced new rules that require vendors selling from the produce sheds to be actual growers, not resellers. The market team plans on verifying these farms through auditing procedures, which include site visits.

Nashville Farmers Market is in a year-round market, but is in a climate where crops don't grow year-round. This change would take away a major source of produce in the sheds, particularly in winter months. While that is a sore spot for several shoppers, who are used to the market acting more as a grocery store than a farmers' market, this change will also ensure the long-term integrity and transparency of where Nashville residents get their food.

Because this transition calls for some time to play out, because it's designed to hurt before it can help, it's no surprise that this decision has drawn both praise and sharp criticism. Care to chime in, Nashville? Read More