Who Let the Morels Out? Celebrate Morelfest on May 30


Minneapolis, do you have (mush)room in your stomachs? 

This Saturday, May 30, the first ever Morelfest is being hosted at the Sample Room looking over the Mississippi River. There is an expected, whopping 500 pounds of fungi to hit the table. Cue the local morel-lovers' fangirl freakout. 

Aside from an ode to morel, plus delicious food, local top chefs will compete for the title of "Chef de Shroom" and will have to create unique, morel-centric (duh) dishes for sampling. Guests will have the opportunity to choose from different ticket packages for tastings and voting rights, but at 7 P.M., the public is free to attend and enjoy music, dancing, games, mingling and more.

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