World's First All-Brass Restaurant


New York Times followed Indian film producer's Varun Talreja and his vision to creating Le Chabanais, which with the help of French architect Clement Blanchet, will become the world's first all-brass restaurant. The space will be born from the former Mayfair cafe through the efforts of Talreja and Inaki Azipitarte, the Basque chef-owner of Paris's Le Chateaubriand.

Blanchet, who is known for designing Le Dauphin and Rem Koolhaas, was tasked with creating a modern, timeless and inviting interior. What he came up with was patinated brass dining room. It will play nicely with the restaurant's alloyed walls and floors, its cantilevered, 30-foot marble bar and tiled back courtyard.

"The brass is very English, which reads as traditional, but it's made contemporary by having so much of it. It's obsessional," he said. Read More