Austin Food Trailer Operators Find Success In Brick and Mortar Locations

Austin's food trailer scene has garnered quite the reputation over the past several years.  Due to real estate slumps and a lack of investment funds available in the city, food trailers offered a convenient and often cost efficient solution that allowed savvy restaurateurs to still operate within the city but at a fraction of the cost.  Yet for many of these food trailer operators, while trailers may have been responsible for the launch and early success of their business, over the past several years many have decided that transitioning over to a brick and mortar operation may be much more cost efficient.

Factoring in additional components such as the various city permits required to operate a food trailer, the struggle to find a prime location with both parking and a high level of foot traffic, and the ability to provide access to bathrooms, alongside offering seating or tables, the hassle of operating a food trailer has outweighed the benefits for some.  Food trailer business is also entirely unpredictable and can depend on a number of outside factors including the weather, street closures, and traffic.  

Furthermore, Austin underwent a real estate boom over the past several years which resulted in more competition, with new brick and mortar restaurants opening weekly, alongside a lessening number of lots to operate out of.  As such, many trailer operators have found that transitioning over to a traditional brick and mortar location is the most beneficial to their business.   Read More