First Draft Features Denver's First Self-Service Bar

With more and more restaurants adopting digital technologies into their restaurant operations, Denver based First Draft has just upped the ante with its introduction of the city's first self service bar. Featuring a wall of tap handles that customers are able to access themselves, the system allows patrons to purchase a beer card which is then used to pour individual beers.  The amount of ounces poured is logged and then charged to the customer's card.

Popping up in other restaurants and bars nationwide, these self-service bar concepts allow establishments to staff less bartenders as customers are able to be more self-autonomous with their drinks. Each establishment operating one of these systems is able to place pour limits for customers do avoid over-serving any guests.  

While some claim the system is too impersonal and eliminates elements of service, hospitality and the personal exchange between bartender and patron, the response has been generally favorable amongst users, who enjoy the freedom the system provides in choosing how much (or how little) to drink.  Read More