Meat-Centric Cocktails Are All the Rage in San Francisco

Old Foie'Shioned at Pabu  | Instagram, JustCocktails

Old Foie'Shioned at Pabu | Instagram, JustCocktails

San Francisco's cocktail culture is amongst the nation's finest, yet some mixologists are still looking to take it up a notch by adding a unique twist to their cocktail creations: adding meat.  While seemingly an unusual cocktail ingredient, San Francisco's bartenders have found interesting and innovative ways to include meat in their drinks.  

At local restaurant and butchery Bel Campo, such meat based cocktails include the "Boney Mary" and "Bone Broth Toddy" which both are made utilizing the restaurant's own signature bone broth. At Pabu, foie gras is used to craft the Japanese inspired "Old Foie'Shoined."  Michael Mina's eponymous restaurant featured vodka based cocktails infused with octopus and gin infused with Serrano ham.

The success of these meat inspired cocktails is mostly based on shock value, explains freelance spirits writer Lou Bustamante.   But it also adds an intriguing flavor component not available in other traditional cocktail ingredients.  Jon Gasparini of Bel Campo explains that meat based products can add a salty complexity into beverages that makes for a nice layering element, bringing cocktails into balance with their fruity and citrus components.

Will meat-centric cocktails become a nationwide trend?  Read More