Upscale Asian Cuisine Takes Off in Los Angeles' Restaurant Scene

Table Spread at Little Sister  | Yelp, Alice C.

Table Spread at Little Sister | Yelp, Alice C.

With adventurous millennials constantly looking for the next new culinary experience, Asian cuisine has reached an all time high in Los Angeles.  Yet despite the fact that the Asian food industry bringing in an annual $27 billion dollars each year, only 9% of Los Angeles' 800 independent Asian restaurants are considered upscale.

Many LA based chefs are seeking to combat the notion that ethnic cuisine must always be cheap and is somehow inferior to traditional Western style eateries by introducing a number of modern, upscale Asian restaurants throughout the city.  Manhattan Beach's Little Sister, a modern Vietnamese small plate eatery located steps from the ocean, features a number of innovative dishes that span the entire Asian continent, including Singapore curry noodles and a Myanmar inspired okra curry.  Finding great success in the sleepy South Bay, Little Sister's chef Tin Vuong already has plans to expand into Downtown Los Angeles.

At Pine and Crane, in Silverlake, a number of modern Asian style dishes are complemented with a variety of traditional plates as well. While often serving dishes unfamiliar to LA diners (gelatinous pig trotters come to mind) the restaurant has found great success in the hipster town.  Phorage in Palms has also wowed Angelenos with their upscale version of the Vietnamese classic Pho.  While some locals bemoan having to pay over $10 for the generally inexpensive soup, more savvy diners appreciate the upscale treatment of the classic dish.  Read More