Healthy Restaurant Chains Soar in Dallas

True Food Kitchen  | Yelp, Howard L.

True Food Kitchen | Yelp, Howard L.

Dallas has recently emerged as the capital for healthy restaurant chains, witnessing a surge of these concepts opening over the last several years.  With restaurants like Seasons 52, True Food Kitchen and LYFE Kitchen operating in the city, and Modmarket opening one if its chains in the city late last year, Dallas has a plethora of healthy dining options.  

Several years ago, Dallas witnessed the opening of Start, the city's own home-grown fast food chain that serves dishes featuring a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, alongside limiting dishes with high levels of fat, sugar and sodium.   Unlike some of the city's other healthy takeout chains, such as My Fit Foods, these new healthy restaurants all feature sit-down facilities alongside their healthy dining options.  Read More