Restaurant Names Displaying A Lack of Ingenuity in Portland

Batter Griddle and Drinkery  | Facebook

Batter Griddle and Drinkery | Facebook

To name a restaurant is a complex task, meant to communicate to diners everything about a restaurant concept in just a few words.  Yet many restaurants in Portland's dining scene have seemingly run into a repetitive cycle.  In the recent past, new restaurants opening in Portland all featured ampersands in the name, such as Beaker & Flask, Skin & Bones, Salt & Straw, Grain & Gristle, Raven & Rose and the list goes on.  The trend shifted slightly with some restaurants, such as Block + Tackle, opting to include a plus sign instead of ampersand yet overall, the trend remained.  

Now, however, the trend is shifting away from the ampersand to the inclusion of "ery" to describe the restaurant's concept.  Think of such emerging concepts like Portland's newest "brewery and skewery," "sausagery," "mac and cheesery," and several new local "drinkeries."  

Has the Portland restaurant scene really exhausted all naming options or is the city suffering a brain drain when it comes to thinking of new and creative restaurant names?  Read More