Denver Welcomes The City's First Fast Casual Pierogi Joint

Denver's First Fast Casual Pierogi Restaurant  |

Denver's First Fast Casual Pierogi Restaurant |

Earlier last month, Denver welcomed a newcomer to the city's fast casual empire, Pierogies Factory, the city's first and only fast casual restaurant that focuses on the Polish favorite pierogies.  For those not familiar with the dish, pierogies have often been equated to a Polish dumpling or empanada as they can be stuffed with an assortment of fillings.  

The Polish specialty has  long been a favorite amongst immigrant communities but Cezary Grosfeld of Polished Tavern is hoping the dish will become the next big local craze.  Having found instant success with his Polish food truck, also named Pierogies Factory, Grosfeld opened the first pierogi-centric fast casual in the city, serving a number of Polish specialty dishes but with a special focus on its namesake.  The pierogi preparations keep close to traditional recipes, but also include some modern interpretations of the classic dish.  

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