Product Review of Vollrath’s Cooking Station

On this episode of Rock My Restaurant, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we continue our Product Review Series with Vollrath’s induction Downdraft Vent Module, a cooking station that is fully customizable with a lot of equipment benefits. Watch the full episode as RMR co-hosts Eric Norman and Bill Bender explore how this product provides value to a restaurant and its customers, as well as the benefits of its customization.

Reminder: This season of RMR will follow a different model than in seasons past. There will be four product review episodes (free) before we unleash Season 3’s premiere content episodes, which will focus on consultant topics for restaurant success from our expert co-hosts. These episodes, which will be longer and pack in more content than anything you’ve seen on RMR before, will be accompanied by interactive elements for our viewers, including workbooks, checklists and diagrams. (For a full explanation, see here.) Stay tuned for more details!