The Art of Flairtending on the Vegas Strip


Las Vegas is never one to shy away from theatrics and the city's bartending and mixology scene is no different.  In what is now referred to as flairtending, a growing movement has begun amongst bartenders on the Strip that involves incorporating showmanship and often circus-like skill alongside traditional cocktail mixing.  In schools such as the Las Vegas Flair Academy, wannabe flairtenders can learn to hone their craft by perfecting flairtending tricks such as juggling and twirling bottles while simultaneously crafting the perfect cocktails.

Yet while flairtending may seem to be all fun and games, it is taken very seriously amongst participants.  There are several competitions that the top flairtenders are invited to participate in and there is even a governing body that regulates official flairtending moves.

So will this kitschy trend catch on outside of Vegas? Or will the "art of flairtending" remain on the Strip?  Read More