Natedogs and the Mobile-Dining Experience


Nate Beck and his food cart are iconic. With Natedogs' bright, orange colors almost as bright as his smile as he serves guests, he delivers quality wieners -- all pork, skin-on deliciousness sandwiched in toasty buns. He launched Natedogs in 2011 when the former manager of two specialty Birkenstock shoe stores found himself out of a job.

In less than two months, he and his family cooked up the Natedogs food cart concept.

"It forced us to just go for it," he said.

But he put a twist to his mobile restaurant. Tired with the cookie-cutter appearances of hot dog carts across New York and Chicago, he worked with Minneapolis designer Jeff Holmberg to create the clean, classic look that brands Natedogs today. It's "preppy" and "tailored" -- reminiscent of 1940s baseball and perfected with bowties. 

While most consumers are familiar with fast-food chains, fast casual restaurants and fine-dining, how did this wiener cart become so hot? Read More