Potential Food Truck Park Idea for Nashville


We were always told not to play with our food, but here's some food for thought to toy with: a Nashville development company wants to bring a temporary food truck park to the Wedgewood-Houston area.

Core Development and landscape architect Hawkins Partners are leading the project, although many details have been kept mum because it's still in its planning stages. However, they did toss some scraps for us to chew on. 

The site would have vehicle and bike parking, according to the application filed with the Metro's planning department. Food trucks could also occupy the spaces from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., showing spots for about 16 food trucks at the park.

It's  no surprise that Nashville is paying homage to the food truck industry, considering it is thriving in the area. The Nashville Food Truck Association has more than 40 vendors, and those numbers have grown steadily since 2010. Read More