Broth Based Noodle Shops Take Off in Denver


Over the last several months, Denver has witnessed a surge of noodle shops opening in the city, bringing a number of traditional, budget-friendly Asian inspired noodle dishes to diners.  Much like the pho and udon restaurants that have long fed hungry Federal Boulevard residents, these new wave noodle shops serve up a number of large bowls filled with hot noodle soups.  While some restaurants incorporate these noodle dishes into their larger menu, others like Tengu, focus entirely on the comfort food.

And these restaurants are not content to serve only traditional broth based noodles with specialties ranging from hand crafted buckwheat, udon and ramen noodles served in specialty seasoned pork or vegetable broths to more innovative offerings such as Osaka Ramen's pork shoulder, Japanese sea salt and poached egg Shio. Read More