Upscale Restaurants Hoped to Revitalize SF's Tenderloin District


San Francisco's Tenderloin District has long had a reputation as less than desirable real estate, yet local developers are hoping to revitalize the neighborhood through the establishment of several upscale restaurants. Commercial real estate firm DeRose and Appelbaum, responsible for helping to open nearby watering holes Rx and Huxley, are now getting behind plans to open a number of high end concepts in the area.

The firm has plans underway to open Mensho Ramen, the first US location of the Tokyo ramen joint, Resolute, a wine bar set to open next door, and the Black Cat, a late night restaurant and bar concept. Principal Santino DeRose of the firm identifies the Tenderloin as a prime real estate location due to its central location, unique character, and ease of accessing restaurant permits, but claims that the neighborhood's somewhat seedy reputation has held it back thus far. It is hoped that with the addition of these high end concepts, others will follow, eventually transforming the neighborhood into the next big dining destination. Read More