Artsy Alley Breathes New Life Into Detroit Dining

Food & drink are an art form. So it makes sense that the Standby, a cocktail bar and restaurant, and Skip, an upcoming outdoor bar, both in Detroit, will soon be calling The Belt home. For those not familiar with the area, The Belt is an alley decked out with street art murals and light strings, and is located beside downtown Detroit’s Z parking garage.

Developer Anthony Curis and partners Brendon Edwards, David Goldman and Joe Robinson are determined to turn this artsy hub into a “one-of-a-kind outdoor entertainment destination.”

Both Skip and Standby are expected to open by September 1st, but the guys are just getting started. The alley has a lot of potential for events, pop-ups, a biergarten, says Mullen, and entrances to a row of underground venues. Read More